Monday, February 7, 2011

Prerequisite for Configuring NAS

Setting up a NAS drive on a network....
You are trying  to set up a storage device on your home or office network to store music, videos, pictures and all other necessary document in a central place. But you don't know the requirement to setting up a Network-Attached Storag(NAS). This article for you.

NAS drives are a practical file storage solution because data is kept at a central location and is made available to all users on the network.
The Users on the network may be  running on Windows, Linux or Mac OS, or they may be the devices like a printer. NAS drives are being used by large organization  and home networks  to store, share and  back-up copies of data.
Setting up a NAS drive on a network involves the following tasks:
1. Connect the NAS drive
2. Check IP Addresses
3. Install the NAS Software
4. Map a Network Drive

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